Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Prepared, Fly Fishing, Server Crash

This happy lady is totally prepared to view ArtPrize.  She has her camera, sunglasses, water bottle and bag for artist cards all strapped to her clothing!  A real ArtPrize Fan!!

Out in the Grand River, 3 fly-fishers cast throughout the afternoon during ArtPrize.  The shot was taken from a window at the GR Public Museum.

The ArtPrize server apparently crashed last night, Tuesday.  I heard stories of it coming back online, then quitting again, but it was still out at 6:30 this morning.  Throughout the day - Wednesday, the last day of Round 1 voting - the system was completely out of commission, for any voting, for info through the website and even registration of more voters!  It was a trying day, and frustrated the artists as well as the voting public.

We got word this evening that all would be back online at 8 pm Wednesday, but as of 10:00 pm it still was not up.  A message on the ArtPrize home page states that the Round 1 voting period has been extended through 4 pm Thursday, but first it has to go live.  Artists are worried about losing all those votes and the public is frustrated they cannot vote yet.  Some are not even registered.   ..... sigh

Sure hope they get it together soon!

A few viewers have written comments on my ArtPrize piece.  Click here to see them. (scroll almost to bottom of page)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"Rusty, A sense of direction/ self portrait of the artist", by Ritch Branstrom plays outside the Public Museum.

The Holiday Inn in Grand Rapids have bicycles to loan during ArtPrize, for their guests at no charge.  Such an easy way to see all of ArtPrize!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Artist Jennifer Cronin is showing a wonderful painting in the Grand Rapids Public Museum during ArtPrize 2011 titled:  "Untitled no. 1 (from the peculiar manifestation of paint in my everyday life)

The painting perfectly shows the anxiety encompassing artists as we toil with vague concepts and ideas rolling around our minds and souls;  it shows our restlessness as we struggle to get the idea out of ourselves and into physical form so that it can be shared with others.

This is what Jennifer wrote about this painting:

See more about Jennifer Cronin here.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A fun exhibit at ArtPrize:

Do you remember the children's toy called "Barrel of Monkeys"?

How about giant size steel monkeys ......

                                         ......... hanging from the "Blue Bridge"

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

This pic was shot at tonight's Opening Reception at the Grand Rapids Public Museum for artists hosted there during ArtPrize.  My good friends Allan Teger and Barbara Krupp stopped by and Allan took this nice shot of me with the piece I have on display.  Allan's wife Barbara is also showing during ArtPrize.  Her great work is at the JW Marriott.

A big crowd of Museum members and artist's guests were the first to see the ArtPrize work hosted at the Public Museum.  I handed out lots of cards!

Now for some sleep to prepare for tomorrow's crowds!

Monday, September 19, 2011

ArtPrize 2011

Have you heard of "ArtPrize"?  It is an international art competition and exhibit held throughout the entire city of Grand Rapids, Michigan with HUGE prize money.  I will be participating in the event this year which takes place September 21 - October 9.

The Rick DeVos of Grand Rapids created ArtPrize 3 years ago as an attempt to hold a novel event meant to show that "Art is Important!" and show thousands of people what a great city Grand Rapids has become.  The first year they were overwhelmed with success!  From the "history" page of

"Neither the organizers nor the city were prepared for the massive public response.

By the first Sunday, restaurants had run out of food. By the next Sunday, hotels had run out of rooms. On the final day of the event, a line to see the winning piece stretched down the street for over two blocks. Ultimately, the venue with the winning piece would host over 80,000 visitors, while the number of total event visitors topped 200,000. Total votes cast during the event: 334,219."

The second year was bigger and this, the 3rd year, will be bigger still with 1,582 artists, each showing one piece.

After applying, I planned on contacting 2 specific registered venues to see if one of them would allow me to show a piece at their location.  But before the date when artists were allowed to start contacting venues, one of the two places I desired contacted me.  Of course I accepted!

I will be showing "They Know the Language of the Waves of the Sea" at the Grand Rapids Public Museum, at the top of the stairs;  a great place within a great venue.

Here is a photo of the piece just after I hung it last week.  The museum lighting had not been aimed yet, but this pic shows the scale of the piece.

Prizes you ask?  First place is $250,000!  Even 10th place is no small amount - it is $7,000.

The general public will vote on the winners.  Visitors can only register to vote in the city, during the event.  After registering, voters can vote for as many pieces as they want the first week.  After that, the top 10 winners will be announced.  Voters can then vote once, for their favorite of the top 10.  Voting is done online or by text.  Last year, kept a running tally of the top 100 vote getters throughout the first week and I assume that will be the case this year as well.

If you are in Grand Rapids for ArtPrize, first go to this page on my website for hints on planning your trip.

Have fun and vote for me!

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