Wednesday, February 10, 2016

This is the "Cloud of the Month" from the "Cloud Appreciation Society's Occasional Newsletter".  Those are real colors, not photoshopped!  

From the newsletter:

The Mother of All Coloured Clouds

During the first days of February, strange and beautifully coloured cloud formations were noticed by many cloudspotters across Britain and Ireland. They were nacreous clouds, which form much higher than normal clouds – up in the stratosphere, above the region where our weather happens. These high clouds are known for their distinctive iridescent colours which appear when the sun is low in the sky, and which lead people to sometimes call them ‘mother-of-pearl clouds’.

The more official name is polar stratospheric clouds, because they normally only appear near to the poles. It is very rare for them to be spotted as far south as central England. Many observers didn’t know what to make of the glorious bands of colours. Some wondered if they were a display of the Northern Lights, and you can see why from this photograph by Paul Bell taken over County Antrim, Northern Ireland.

The colours of nacreous clouds, however, have nothing to do with the charged particles that produce the Northern Lights. They result instead from the way sunlight is bent very slightly as it passes around the cloud’s tiny ice crystals – an effect known as ‘diffraction’. The different wavelengths of sunlight are bent by different amounts, so they are separated and appear to us as bands of distinct colours.

This iridescence can also appear as sunlight shines through thin layers of much more common cloud formations, but it is more dramatic and more extensive in nacreous clouds. The stratospheric ice crystals that make up these mother-of-pearl clouds are very small and all at a very consistent size, which makes the colours appear particularly strong.

Click Here for more info and more pics of Nacreous Clouds.

Friday, December 18, 2015

The crew of 5 in my studio. I made this shot from the studio door while the guys were preparing the next piece to show me sitting at my main work table (which you can't see).

My studio is all of 11' x 13', plus storage shelving around the perimeter.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The "How It's Made" crew that filmed me 3 weeks ago should be finishing up a three week tour filming in the States in a day of two, after which the memory cards used on the trip get handed over to a "Card Wrangler". For my show alone, they used about 7 cards which are the size of a thick 36mm slide, each holding 256g of data. Remember when entire hard drives held only 250g? Each of the cards has only 14 minutes of recording! This will be edited to a 4 min, 40 second spot.

After the Wrangler combines the data for each show the editors take over. A draft video is sent to me for verification that each segment is placed in the correct order and that propriety info is not accidentally included. Next is a telephone conversation regarding the voice-over that will accompany the visual. I don't recall if I get to see the finished product before it is aired - I was a bit tired by the time we spoke about this info after filming was completed late at night!

How often have you been misquoted in media coverage? Almost every time I suspect. I'm grateful this time I am able to verify the story!

It will probably be a few months until the spot is aired. Of course I'll post the date when I know!
Posted to fb on November 29, 2015:

Last week was the filming for the "How It's Made" TV show for the Discovery Channel. It was fun! and exhausting!

The crew is based in Montreal, Quebec, a 9 hour drive to my home studio. They arrived at 7:30 am, worked all day except for a lunch break and left at 11:00 pm !!

I wanted to do nothing the next day but had my annual physical appointment. Doc said I looked tired!
Posted to facebook on November 13, 2015:

Good News!

3 days from now, a film crew from the Discovery/Science channel show "How It's Made" will spend a day in my tiny home studio filming me for a spot on the show!!
I'll post here, and everywhere else, when I know the publish date.
Woo Hoo !!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Thank you Teresa and Nick!

Thank you Teresa and Nick!

"They Know the Language of the Waves on the Sea" looks perfect in it's new home!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ice Lace

December 10, 2011:

Can you see the ice?  Through an odd combination of snow, freeze, melt & refreeze last night's snow turned into lacy ice.

This shape concept will surely show up on one of my basket sculptures some day soon!