Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The "How It's Made" crew that filmed me 3 weeks ago should be finishing up a three week tour filming in the States in a day of two, after which the memory cards used on the trip get handed over to a "Card Wrangler". For my show alone, they used about 7 cards which are the size of a thick 36mm slide, each holding 256g of data. Remember when entire hard drives held only 250g? Each of the cards has only 14 minutes of recording! This will be edited to a 4 min, 40 second spot.

After the Wrangler combines the data for each show the editors take over. A draft video is sent to me for verification that each segment is placed in the correct order and that propriety info is not accidentally included. Next is a telephone conversation regarding the voice-over that will accompany the visual. I don't recall if I get to see the finished product before it is aired - I was a bit tired by the time we spoke about this info after filming was completed late at night!

How often have you been misquoted in media coverage? Almost every time I suspect. I'm grateful this time I am able to verify the story!

It will probably be a few months until the spot is aired. Of course I'll post the date when I know!

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