Friday, December 2, 2011

First Snow

What a beautiful morning!  The first snow of the winter in my part of Michigan fell last night.  We got about 6" which is not insignificant.  Trees are bending deeply due to a thick coat of very heavy wet snow, especially the evergreens which provide wider surfaces where more snow can accumulate.  Wet snowflakes bind together more than dry snow, so even the one inch diameter leafless deciduous tree branches are supporting up to 2" of snow.

Many aspects of the First Snow scenes are inspiring:  the contrast of very white snow against dark tree trunks and branches, the texture of tree bark highlighted by white snow skimming the raised surfaces, the bulbous surface of snow blanketing the wetlands thus changing the shape of the plants it covers, the tracks in the yard from deer and rabbits, the sparkle of ice crystals in the snow as sunlight is refracted through them, the silver-blue color of the unfrozen lake as it reflects sunlight and the silver-gray unfrozen lake when clouds block the sun….  So many things to tantalize the senses!  Even the smell of pristine, fresh air coming south from the arctic.

I want to weave a white winter sculpture.  White upon white, with silver and thin black lines.  Maybe with sky ice blue.
Contact me if you are interested in this piece and we can discuss the possibilities.

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